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Related article: Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 January 34th 24 -0400 From: jacobmillertex aol. com Subject: Under the Mask : Chapter 2 { Under the Mask is pure fiction. When I'm in this story, I get Under Age Models the age of 21. Any resemblance to other events, names and events of life is inferred. If you are under age, (according to the laws of minor importance as in your country), if this literature is offensive to you or anyone in your display area, or is illegal for you to display this content, which was read , then quit in history. This story may not be distributed in any n or form without my express permission. Posted by JPG, so I would like to thank my editor. Volunteer their time, and is not for his work, thanks... anyway. } Chapter 2 The next thing he knew, or should I say Matt felt that shook me. I had the hardest time sleeping last night. I waited until the next lights every few hours to count in the county. But n d notID. You could get a good night's sleep in this place. On the other hand, I could not stop thinking about Matt. Man, this guy is hot. In fact, took every ounce of my strength not to jump to it all night. I not do for them, especially while on anyone here. It is not my thing to force a no sex. When Matt was able to turn my way I just hope that is seen in the n me the way I see it. "What man let me sleep ? " " Alex has no choice but to stand up. You have to be ready for breakfast n and after school. Come on this day will be used to. "pulled Matt the blanket away from me and left me no choice but to stand as. I n out of bed, rubbed my eyes. I looked at the corner of his bed mattress set some clothes for me. I had this odd sort of tingling in my body. no has clothes for me. Matt talked with me while I am always ready to go. Nothing quite remarkable n repeat here ! It's almost like talking about the weather or the end of the result of the football match in the probeand. As soon as I finished preparing went to breakfast. I realized Matt on the way to my bed sets. " Thanks to the people, which is very good of you here is that for me," I said, Note to my bed when we left ! " Do not tell Alex. I is not that we're not done with you gigged the bed. Trust me here to the few things that workers are increasingly demanding do if not already. " All that I stay in my head, and had breakfast takes place, such as Matt is still fresh. I know when to turn the tables, probably I done. I am learning to be more and more like a man for others. Plain and simple, respect each other and give a helping hand if necessary. Matt opened the way at the same table with the same types. Within minutes we have making small talk. Then the boys started in my gang life. " Hey, I was wondering if you are connecting with their peers to be crimes that are here. You do not have to answer this question, of course," asked a man named Ben. ' S not a problem for Ben, I'll try to answer all your questions. I really hope I can stay out of my old life. I know it's hard to be and above all be here, but this is a good thing so far is that I have not run in " " in them yet. Oh, no, it's because you're wrong ! " " What do you mean ? "I asked. " Everyone has a clean slate when it first here. You begin to This construction. It is much more relaxed than in the other rooms. We are in Building A, and those who refuse to change the rules Under Age Models or in the other n buildings. the other buildings do not have anything like the freedoms we have here. are fairly locked all the time. the only time they are of to go to their rooms to eat is assigned to classes or rec. time. Apart from in their rooms at other times they are unable to talk to others! This is where all the gang members. So we were all surprised brought here instead of there. you are the leader of theMayor gang out there, right? " " Well, I was. But it was until I gave my father when he was to jail. You choose who runs the band from the outside. My father it felt much easier to run his own blood, go where you can inside. I had the title, but do not be fooled, my father calls all. I ran. " " Wow, I did not know it works. I just took the band to all decisions concerning the daily operations of the of gangs. " " Oh, no, I have never met such decisions. The only time I did, I messed up for all. So I ended up Under Age Models here. " The table was silent for several minutes. Wanted to know if there is a chance Under Age Models that someone was there in the other buildings receive an n to someone in this building. I do not know where I can send a message , just the opposite. I would not be sent to me. n "Hey guys do you know of a time that is worthy of a person in another building rightto be in this building? " ", you can always win the right to return to this building, but is rarely happens. What I mean is that they have many opportunities before sent over the top. It is rare for them to earn their way back to this version. " " COOL OK Ben, I will deal not only with that part of my life more. Under Age Models I have to fix, not only for my mother, but for me. " we finished eating no more. The bell rang just as he was put my tray away. I really do not know what to do or where to go. So I looked a to see more of Matt do. as I watched, he is waving at me again. " you are at the same time as mine. I'm here because of your help early days. I really hope you understand what you said at the table : Alex. I think you can really become good friends, if given a chance. " " Trust me when I said what I said at the table. There is no way I'm a jail for 25 years. I'm not even a chance that you other buildings ! I likethe few freedoms we have here. " This Matt seemed happy. We went up and down to the class. All morning the Under Age Models time it felt like a regular secondary school. There are no guards os really all the information that is enclosed. classes are regular classes n that was at Austin High School. at lunch I sat with the same group of guys. this time stayed away from the talking about my past. instead, we talked about the game this Sunday. no is actually a group who will be going on that to win that game. I went to my the team, of course, the Cowboys. n the evening is no different to Under Age Models the morning classes. in fact, was s faster than the morning classes. Under Age Models He always dragged me, this is the afternoon classes. always I wanted to leave school. There different, do not know why. Matt and I went to our room to do homework before the the living room where everyone is. As Matt and I started to walk out of the room, gave me a watch. I have not met many of the guards, butThis seems to be an ass. ", Mr. Garcia, you will follow me, Matt, go where you wanted ! " Matt looked at me and then to the station. ", I need to know where to find Alex let me know if you are done with it. " As soon as Matt walked over to me, he leaned over to whisper. " Alex, please, whatever you do, do not say 'No ' to this watch. Exactly what s it is always asking, even if it looks wrong. He will try to break in \\ \\ n his first day here. " " Thanks Matt, I will. " Matt left me alone, and the guard. I turned around and looked. I wanted to This shield the names to know who am I to do so. Vi off his shirt and see that it has bars on his shoulders and his name tag says T. Jackson. ", Mr. Garcia, I continue to another part of the building. No wants to hear a word from you as we do there. When I hear a word that I want to play for it. Do you understand what I mean? " All he did move his head up and down. He said he did not hearWord of me. I do not think that made him happy. If you wanted to be happy, his words, should have been better formulated. We were a flight of stars in the basement of the building. the as shown, this part of the building for years has not been used more. Now is the , but no spaces or in some stores. Mr. Jackson made ​​his way into this space, that was how it looked once has The school gym. Before Under Age Models I even was able to place in space, guard pushed me on the mat in the center of the room. Stunned, yes, but I was there sitting on my butt. I did not want problems. Then I heard the door opening on the back of the room. I looked to see who it was. First, the numbers came up to me in the dark in this room, but once it came into light, I knew who they were. " Alex, my husband is a good thing that you see here, we heard coming toward us. Now We need help joining us in the other buildings. " I got up and looked the day the members ofgang -mail I found on the outside. I could not even make it past the second day, before she stretched. These guys is what Under Age Models we call firearms. As a sergeant in the Army. Are some things. When you first walk in bonds, which are what we call a ball of. You are the soldiers we send to do the dirty work. " Yes, I have to leave, while difficult time. " You came, and we shook hands. Pats on the back as Guard was brought to me next door. If this protection helps us out, I wonder if he knows he just pushed to the ground. "Man, you need to be organized here and show that he has Under Age Models to think over. blacks and Italians here, there is shit. We have a very clear message message them wrong. " " I do not see much difference here or abroad. " " Alex you're wrong man in that. at the time the ball is, you are n here, dominated. out of the ties like rats off the sinking rate. " no " This is the one you able tor maintain control here. Look, I am Note on the outside, then here. I have to do my time and go to the outside to handle things. " I was hoping the lie would have to backtrack. I really do not want to be, concerned about this problem at this time. I need time to try to figure out how to buy n well. \\ \\ n " You are a letter from his father in the years to days. It has already been converted, the lead outside. You have to take of control in the here and now. He sent me a kite to reach you. " I could not believe my father moved so fast already. In their eyes, I , things are going here and not give a shit if I spend the rest of Under Age Models n in my life, when he and my grandfather are locked. "Behold the man, until I received this letter, I stay where I am so s of leadership. I received orders that can give them. If , was in control of your own home in front of me and gives me the commands. " only looked at me when I said that. I needed to obtain SUT this quick. The sooner you do, the sooner I can try this shit. I looked at the guard let him know this interview is over. I n and this power when it is about me. When Mr. Jackson left me back to my bedroom, I went looking for Matt. Apparently, knows how to run here. I just found where Matt said to be. " Matt, now I talk to you again for our bedroom. " returned to our room as quickly as possible. When we entered the room I turned to him and began to tell him what had happened. My fear has come n and I must find a way out of this. I told him everything that was discussed below in the basement. " Well Alex, you're here alone. Especially in the county jail or similar the system to read our letters before I do. When her father the letter here not is capable of achieving. " " Matt, who are not blind or hear what I said. the band was part of that is a wing in front of the Mexican Mafia. We do not run from tto name the Mexican Mafia, , who participated Under Age Models in another, when they cracked down on gangs in prison system n. But if you go once in the system, not part of the Mexican Mafia n, the wings here. The reason I'm saying all this is over. The band controls all activities in and out of these systems with the help of the guards. These guards are true, our gang. The letter is written to code if read by another that is not a fan of the band is a member here. " " I do not really know what to say to you, Alex. I've never been in this situation before and had even asked for it. I really do not know who you are to talk with you or with confidence, even if important. " " I know it's you when I have to talk. Remember I 'm the one everything is going so of course I know the hook here. The problem I have is , when I talk to the right people, you can ensure that things can be fixed ot even trust my word? " We sat there and looked at each other. I, pUT partner in a position he probably never thought you would be doing in. But I'm sorry, but it is the I can only rely on this subject. He can help me on my way to the no one took it ? "What is with director Alex de ? It has been around time. Perhaps not yet in this ugly business involving " " I know for a fact that the director is not Under Age Models involved. If so, since it would be bad as it was in another director. "n " I was not here the other director was here. I've heard rumors of n it and how it allowed the band to do things here. was nothing like that is now headed by Mr. Henderson. "n " I think it was my answer. I have to find out with Mr. Henderson, without the guards. This will be the biggest obstacle for me. " in the last words out of my mouth, I saw others who start their way to the cafeteria. I looked at the clock on the wall to see, it's time for dinner. Then I looked to see if Matt is ready to eat. " Let'ss going to eat dinner and then Alex and we'll try to figure out what do. For now, please do not name anyone. I do not say, kids in the table can not be trusted. What I can tell, everyone is here, is always trying to look good with the guards. This is a sure way to do. " As soon after eating, I called the main office. Began to I thought, now what. With hesitation, I went forward to see what the guards did. the face that I saw her standing there, gave me relief. ", Mr. Garcia, we give a few private moments with her mother. " " Thank you, sir, thank you ! " My mother and I went to the rooms of the visitors. She had a smile on his face, , but rolling down her cheeks the tears I hope this are tears of joy. I n do not want my mother more than I have hurt. " What's going on mom? Are you all right ? "N " All is well, my son! Good to see you here instead of low key! " I went to hug my mother. I did not wantnever let go. What I wanted to go to back and correct all the mistakes I made in the past. I know that all white hair and my mother is my fault snails. She has already given me father long ago. " I am the son of pardon for so long, things for you. I needed to to know what you are allowed to have. " " Never apologize to my mom, I'm never very grateful for what ever can walk without you, without bringing. " We were sitting there talking about what they wanted to take and how often could help out. Just as I finished, I could see the care of their eyes for me. It would be n I can not have things. I could not believe she is still willing to do so after all that got through. that was broken a little bit about what happened to day. In explaining how hard I'm trying to stay away from my old life. But despite my old life keeps catch up with me, I do not know what to do, I told my mother. " My son, please do not fall back into old ways, you. Talk to someone can be truSt to the will to do something about it. Please do not Alex mess this up ! " My mother began to mourn, to mourn, really. Can actually see his heart broken on all over again. I got up and went to her to comfort her. I know I promises Indeed, the n in the past have been to stop living this way and then I went to the right and broke the promise. always broke my promise to my mother because my father saw. Now I 've always kept my promise to my mother. in fact, is the only take care of myself, my father. " mom, I promise, I mean, this mother... "I gently touched his chin to pick the face so he Under Age Models could look directly into my eyes as I say. ", I mean it this time, Mom! I will not be disappointed in any way. No So I will return to this way of life. No matter what, I think a escape from this mother, please believe me this last time. " nodded his head back and forth and then he grabbed me in a hug. cry stopped, still in me. Right AFTERe, and then I made ​​a promise to bring tears to my mother anymore. The guards were letting us know the time has expired. My mother kissed me go me her necklace with a cross on it. " Let God guide you through your darkest hours of my son. Trust in him, as in that he was confident in my darkest hours. Always brought me through. " " Thanks, Mom and I will not be disappointed, or the man upstairs ! " With that my mother was ahead, I have Under Age Models several of Wal -Mart goes bags. Along with these sports, handbags, I have a Under Age Models few gifts. is s are too many bags for me, a trip back to my room to go. , the guards helped me. When I went Under Age Models to my room, I saw Matt. He came to grab the bag, the Guard carries. I can tell you that the station is happy to leave the mat bags take out of hand. As soon as he entered the room, I threw the bags in my bed. "I can see your family, you have what you need. " " Yes, my mother actually carried out the bags in. She is a very strong will women. She you haveto educate all of us, really without my father s around. " Before watching TV, Matt helped me unpack my things. This is when I realized that most clothing is new. I can understand why my mother buy clothes new. Most of my old clothes are like two or three times a is greater than what can actually use. I can not be so dress here. the rest of the night I was watching TV with Matt and a few boys to eat with us. really did not pay much attention to what he saw. I sat there and thought I would find a way to get needed \\ \\ n fetch with my gang. I'm locked into it until I get the letter from my father. having done that I can see what to do next. I had the worst night in a while. All night I had nightmares after nightmares, each ending with my mother telling me that kept seeing the face of my mother crying. in dreams, no matter how hard you treaty, returned to my old ways. I can not affordBecome a reality. At breakfast he did not say much to the kids. They will talk about the Halloween and much fun it would be. The funny thing is that nobody can go the building. There is nothing special can be done for the Under Age Models day, so that do not know how is your day like no other. While I was lost in my thoughts all day, happened very fast. Before you know that for the last period of the day. As I watched the clock, I a sigh of relief that the day s almost complete and non-contact anyone from another building. But the letter is feared around waiting to be sent. The bell rang rid of our last class. Matt came to see Under Age Models me when we in our mailboxes. At this point my heart began to beat faster I was sweating like a faucet was turned on. I really did not want to see , which in my mailbox. looked in the box and saw a piece of paper sitting there. I did not know , which made for me onlygrabbed him quickly. I stuffed them in my trouser pockets as Matt and I went to the room to begin our task. " Matt, when mail is delivered to us, is taken off the envelope ? " " No, open it and make sure there is nothing to say, or in n \\ \\ Letter hurt someone. " " Oh man, that is a cool place to me, probably saw at least for the moment! " Matt at me like I was crazy. I took the role I got in my pockets to see what it is. I looked down and could not believe it. I s mother actually put money in my books for me. You will always find ways to get them children what they need most. (point of view of Diego) After hearing what my parents tell me, did it last night. I am concerned enough to make the call but the call had to wait until the next night, , but I had to do. I was hoping that Alex comes to his senses in the Mean Time. Mr. Jackson called me on the pretext that I am my hours of community in the office. As before, let me be one of the Jacksonthe teacher s office after she went home to serve me for the phone. As the door closed, the phone rang. I took it to see who is the is called. I dint say a word until the caller said, on the other side first. " Diego, what is the reason I needed to talk with me ? " " We have a problem at Alex. My son told me yesterday that guns will to remain as even after he learned of the letter of the address he said, about changes in the positions ! he does not seem to want us to listen to Alex ". " first, Diego show my son the respect you show me. He is the leader of the band there. So when we talk about it, you Use the name is not his son. the Second of all, you are Under Age Models not getting the products ordered by pistols. 's right, not by the order until you hear from me. the letter already along the way. must be entered in the coming days is. until then, you have to clean this time some of the confusion that has generated by. not turn control of our bandsother. that control them all. If another member left the band, is the standing order to kill. " The telephone connection was interrupted. Alex does not listen to others, but go to your father. Must be this way through the family. Alex we listen. I really hope that in reading the letter his father, he becomes. I went to our bedroom. In Under Age Models this area of the building, not separate rooms. In fact, we have bedrooms with 30 beds per room. that was installed and operated as a circle or a prison. we sleep, Under Age Models eat, and very much spending every free minute in these residences unless we are in a class o This community business hours during the day! Get an order from the boss, he had to pass. cried for all my n guide me. As I sat told the Standing Order above, viz. all looked at me like I was crazy to be. "We all knew this job was coming down the pike sooner or later. I waited, Under Age Models , we have control over this issue before been done. But we have noware , to get the commands that control of the traitors and the loss of power. " Said This published the guide. I held, and the two went with Alex the day before. I had to make you think about how to get Where is Alex. my first thought when he came and said, me last night was that Alex has no plans to continue what his father has ordered him to do. " need to give me Under Age Models the truth be told. How did you feel when he spoke to Alex? " The two looked at each other then me. About the same time began to speak. Basically, both agreed that Alex tried to out of the orders of his father. Anyone who wants to maintain power that is because he likes or does not pass all together. n "If he wants to step outside it all together Diego, orders constants that are as good ? " " Clearly I need distance from the higher planes. We can not injure or kill a of the principal without the green light from the top. Until we know for secure, we can not touch Alex, if we value our lives. " I apologized both to think, let me in the private sector. If Alex puts me in this corner of I do not like, but I 'm taking. I thank my life then others. I hope my arms to read much of what they saw yesterday. sometimes I have kids to be gung ho on getting the approval of their UPS n top, they say things that may not be entirely objective. n (Alejandro visibility) Friday makes my third day to be here. I'm actually more nervous, then here was in the county. All my nerves are caused by the letter of the next. I that this letter is for me to take control of the band s here. During lunch for me and the guys know me very well played basketball. this once I ate too much, he beat me out of the s game. I was in the team of Matt. I have no complaints coming from me. good perhaps one could not rub against him. as soon as you let out the fourth quarter led by checkmy e- mails. When I a my mailbox, I saw Mr. Jackson stood before me. I ignored II called him as the letters in my box. I knew one of them is out my father. to be rushed back into the room to get me out of my misery. I sat looking down to see the two letters was not one of my father. It s no return address. I put the letter in the best at the top and there in large black letters the prisoner of Texas. I did not want to open, , but I knew I had. When my hands are shaking as I opened the envelope. Taking the document white notebook that slowly unfolded the letter! Look down on my handwriting Dad: Alex Sad to say, but I felt like you came here with me and that of the family. I told your mother to keep her nose out of business in the our family. She was not happy with me, but I will not let them confuse things with our business partners. Nothing, however you are, where are you still help us raise enough business. Our business has slowed, or made by business men. These businessmen who have never had a problem with in the past n. We can not begin to have a problem with them now. If we lose this market, which will make it more difficult for us to check Other markets in our system. The market, with most of the problems that are is currently the largest market due to imports of our business partners across the Under Age Models border. I know that you are responsible for the family abroad. by the time as not going to this part of the company to return at any time soon, I need to take control of the branch where you have to take. I was on the line for this to happen. I have also sent a message to his assistant, you have to manage things in instead, to take complete control. From now on, you are responsible for our stage of business in the smaller system. Therefore, it may continue to receive the flow of materials the elements in the superior system. I need to takeControl over your leg now. You know what to do to make this happen. Also, I need no longer listen to others, including of his mother. You are my son, and you are in the family, such as followed by the children before you. You are a father I just sat there and looked at the letter. Now I have been given the order must perform. The last thing we need now is anger, , but I got it. Under Age Models I lay on my bed for a way to think of the This. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Matt shook me to. When I awoke, I began to rub my eyes and looked at Matt. Matt is actually smiling on me. I wonder how this man could be so happy all the is the time. He always has a smile on it. " Hey Alex, it's time to eat people. Stand up and let's head to eat. " " Thanks Matt wake me up for dinner. If I had slept probably true for dinner. "is all Matt keeps moving his head back with a smile. We n and took our trays of food, and then sat with the same group. They were tell me what to do at the weekend. Not as boring as I thought it would be. As in the nights before, we were sitting watching TV. We watched TV time, until they said it was almost light. We must be in our spaces to the count. I know they do not really have much to do with the count day here. I think if we are to flee or try to leave, so I say this Well, it's your ass in jail, her. Just when I finally began to sleep, I felt someone shaking me awake. Why is it so dark in the room, I could not see who I wake up to n. I know it's not dull, because I Under Age Models saw him in his bed. As my eyes focused, I saw Mr. Jackson at the door, and Charles woke me up. I'm Carlos, since we were kids. I hear you have locked up here, but he was not with the rest of the guys in the blocked other buildings. I thought it was free. " Hey Alex, please get up and come wme! " I rubbed my eyes again, as I crawled out of bed. Throwing in some Carlos short n have followed in the common area. This time, Mr. Jackson to stay in background. He has, in fact, remained directly in front of me Carlos. " Alex Under Age Models I know you are concerned about Mr. Jackson, no. I told him that he can of confidence. " " Carlos how are you man? I was so worried about you ! " " I'm fine. I'm glad you are here in Under Age Models the system. I none of us locked up, but we must do. " " Yes, that's not the truth. Are you here on behalf of Diego and the other ? " " No, believe it or not I'm not. I wanted out of life ties Alex. You are known. He tried to warn him not to do what I did, but I have not heard it. Now I am living here all my days in fear of walking clock na really doing here get out alive. " " Unfortunately, you know, I have nothing to do with what was done here before I arrival. Do not have anything to do with things here. " " I know that Alfor example. I heard that they are awaiting a letter from her father enter the order. Mr. Jackson here told me that the letter arrived today. " " I'm here working for Mr. Jackson Diego and others. " ", he said that Mr. Jackson to the confidence that we are able to Alex. Please do not prove me wrong on dass I know you do not want in the band are not. They are trying to , in the right direction, but you will be a little more difficult it was for me. Look at Mr. Jackson tried to test the influence of gangs in the here. This is one of the tasks was led by Mr. Henderson had to do. " " How is trying to control the influence of gangs ? Look, even if I trying to get out, and I'm not saying that I am, where I know I can trust the and Mr. Jackson are on the straight and narrow about it? All that , you know trying to get to say anything to get where beating return the favor with Diego. " " Because Mr. Garcia, I have to work together to bring under control bands th is prison. I can not have everything you're replacing trying to do here, " said another voice. I looked around and saw Henderson to walk in. I did not even know that , even in the building. I know, Mr. Henderson should not be relied on. reason why I know more than what goes up, I know that is no, take. no, "Mr. Henderson did not know you were there. " " No problem, Mr. Garcia, I just want to know you can trust what these guys tell. I have Mr. Jackson here seems to be taking. Thus I know what's happening before it actually does not drop. If you try to be the gang life behind, these are the guys who you can trust. I need to know if I can trust you. I know that the letter was day of his father. I would not normally happen, but I did see what I wanted to do about it. So far it looks good because it has is no contact, even after seeing Mr. Jackson to do the walk rooms all night. ""Mr. Henderson, I not only made ​​a promise to myself but to get to my mother is even here. I promised so many things in the past and let them every time down. This time I have no plans to do that. do not know how I'll take care of this life. " " Trust me, Under Age Models Mr. Jackson and Carlos here. We will overcome this. I read the letter, how they got here. the only reason he was kept lets me know where you are in the direction of the band and their father. the text of the letter is so well done. not have been \\ \\ n instead. Can you tell us what it really means ? " I nodded Mr. Henderson took the letter. I grabbed her by the The thinking I had to have, take control with Diego when I Mr. Jackson. You know the first time I saw Mr. Jackson, who took me to watch the arms of Diego. I sat there and explain what each of the formulations made ​​ meant. Henderson, Jackson, and Carlos looked at me, as I said, the letter to them. I think Under Age Models Mr. Henderson is really surprised that I am I say what I am. " See Mr. Henderson, if the guys find out, I'm not dead, no doubt that, I'm dead. I need a way to do this from my time in and out live. after making me through every day. " " Ok Mr. Garcia, what we are doing here will allow you to take control of in the band of here. But I will not enter the building it. will try to do what it takes moved there. please do not carry it out. If you're asked to do is go with Mr. Jackson. He does the rest as if it also helped if you always carry one of the commands you will not be sent to another building, I want to send n system can include: your hands stay clean.. and do another the action. s the building in time straight and narrow. not want to be screwed above. same, I have to take control of the gang violence and \\ \\ n in the process of this place. ""I have no problem at all. But there are some things to to... " I have to explain, Mr. Henderson to make this Under Age Models believable. What I had of them. After explaining what was needed, Mr. Henderson had no problem agreeing with him. ", Mr. Garcia, I promise, if you are with the agreement that we are trapped here that n tonight and finish with the agreement reached with the courts. 're Out from here on 21, if Hit me again, you will not feel the freedom until you are old and gray. " " I can Under Age Models not promise Mr. Henderson, screw, happening to me or my mother. I out of here and 21 there is nothing to prevent it. " a couple of things were discussed. One of the issues we talk about is Carlos moving to the band, where I am. Not the same room, but in the same N wings. Henderson had no problem with that. In fact, he to suggest the same thing before me. As soon as the end point was covered, Mr. Jackson took me back to my space n. before goingING, spoke for the first time " Alex, I have asked him Diego to meet with you. I Plan do it tomorrow night. Are you ready for Alex ? " \\ \\ n " Yes, Mr. Jackson, I'm ready. I hope I do all this. " "Please call me Tustin, because we work side by side in the that. I'm thinking of you finish this in up and running too. not worry n something, it will be fine. " I returned to my room and went straight to bed. After crawling the bed, I looked at Matt. It seems that not even wake up while I was away. To sleep before going to sleep, I kept thinking to myself, ' It that Under Age Models simple? It may simply not be that easy. " (the perspective of Matthew ) At first I thought I was dreaming when I heard the voices of far me. Gradually, the voices came in a clear, until I opened my eyes and looked a Alex 's bed. did not recognize the person shown on Alex, but Alex to meet him. Then I noticed a shadow around the door of our room. I want is there to see that woke me up. Through the corner of my eye I looked to see who said it. I have a quick look and saw Mr. Jackson. Something in the woods, and now I fear for Alex. Alex grabbed a piece of paper from his position during the night and then went to the guy who woke up. I waited a few seconds before crawling out the bed. I went to the door frame and looked around. I wanted to see where Alex, but not to get caught so One time I saw him clearly. I walked down the hall, where Alex was. that is when I realized it was really him in the common area. I was like in the room was near the door frame, to hear what is said. At first I could not hear anything. They heard a lot in the field Common for me. I decided to take a chance and take a look at them were actually in the space. Slowly, I crawled into bed, to hide behind. As soon as after the bed Ito hear them speak. Apparently, this guy is a long time friend of Alex. Suddenly, a voice I knew began to speak. Not even have to to see who said it. It's Mr. Henderson, and that does not mean Alex in trouble. I've been stuck for a few minutes to be sure. Once it was safe, I returned to the room. It was not my business what was spoken in this room. Shortly after I got into bed again, Alex returned. As soon as he was in the room, went straight to bed. I wonder if he even going to say, me, what is wrong with him, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Henderson. Not push it to say, but I hope that he could trust me for now. The next morning was the first out of bed. Alex remains as a sign. I do not want to wake him, so he went and took a shower. When Alex was really stood up. He looked at me and smiled. " Matt can close the door for me ? " I had trouble closing the door when II walked I began to wonder if actually going to tell me what I was hoping he could trust me to invest. " recalls Matt, what I can say that should be between us. I mean, no one out, or I will be killed. You promise not to say anything s as I say ? " " Yes Alex can contact me with anything he has to say to trust my friend. I is not a word he tells me not Under Age Models to talk. " \\ \\ n I sat on the bed in front of Alex. He seemed a little disturbed by the first. When he spoke, he seemed better. He spoke of the offer it did with Mr. Henderson. Knowing that the child last night, Carlos. And finally, that Mr. Jackson is not a bad watch, he is under working conditions cover to control gangs here. " Alex, that's great, what I said about Henderson? You can trust him. " " I know you told me I should know that from the beginning they heard. Now the only way this will work, I am able to sell to continue are involved with gangs. " I sat there Telling Carlos Under Age Models that he is not a problem From dass along Henderson and Mr. Jackson to his word ! Alex smiled nodding when he received another letter from his night was are unopened. (point of view of Alexander) After talking with Matt, I felt really good. It felt like another load was lifted from my shoulders. It is still a good person, in my corner. Now I have to find out Under Age Models if I can have another way, if Do you follow me on that! N I took the other letter he received yesterday, not n the return address in the him. The letter is already open. So all I had to do is remove the card. I n unfolded the letter, I saw them again in the back, who wrote it. I I could not believe my eyes when I saw a signature. Dear Alejandro Garcia I do not know, we know, but I needed to give a couple of letters to give you a few things in mind. I mean really, what was in the of his court hearing. I 'm glad the judge gave him a second chancand of life real, while you're young. When did this, I know I never intended to hurt me. You have the code You need to live. I I can respect someone who lives by a code. I can not agree, but I can respect. Despite what you've hurt me. the at the same time that saved my life. If you shot that day, I never would have gone to the hospital. This stay in the hospital that saved my life because they took my cancer. The cancer was so bad I could not understand how I was still standing about. I think back now and wonder. Alexander that the main reason why I did what I did for you. You are the life of my s in many respects from that day. I beat cancer and has a very good doctor out of it. She gave me another chance in life. I owed it to you You could help him. Please Alexander, Under Age Models take this opportunity and do something better for you his life. You look like a great guy. You can actually do something life if you will. I have the tools andto speed. If ever that someone, I'll be there for you. Please whatever you do, not fall back into the life you have at this point. I believe in you, and I know this is weird because I never actually met. But I think everyone who comes in contact. We were enemies of for absolutely nothing. I would like to be friends, if are possible. Thanks for saving my life. If you ever need a helping hand, I will be there for you. Do not give up and Under Age Models hope to see you for free if 21 years, Alejandro. Thank you Jacob Hernandez I sat in disbelief in the letter you just read. This guy has really the heart and trust in a person who never met in your life. Well, no, in n So did the sound of the letter. Actually, I had tears on my cheeks n after reading the letter. This tells me a lot about Jacob. Noted above all, why do that actually went to court in my favor that day! Matt, I began to break. "What is Alex, bad newsa species? " " No, the really good news for once. " I gave the letter to Matt to Under Age Models read it. I watched as you can see the reading letter n to start the tears rolling down her cheeks as well. Never have was waiting for Jacob Hernandez 's friends. He opens the door Under Age Models for to a friendship with me. ' s This is so damn cool, Alex. This guy really believes in you as person. Look, there are plenty of people there outside waiting to do it via This. " " I know. what you say and everything I've never thought about how is said in the letter. he saved life, when he was shot. He never had went to the hospital and learned she had cancer. So in a way that will help in this area. " Under Age Models " There's always a silver lining hope all the bad things. Jacob only told the silver lining to his. He has forgiven you and thanks to to help. Now you have to forgive yourself and make it through this n years. " I know Matt is right. I also know that no one below me now. To Under Age Models many people to the roots. I always thought that when Matt and I went to take Room : n. Since it's Saturday, you get a later date during the week to eat. All day I lazed around really. Matt and the guys were sitting in the lounge watching me , which was once on TV. Tomorrow will be a best day of television because of the games. We are actually going to see all. Another prisoner brought in several films. I did not know that I bring to see movies here. He showed us all rented movies for us to decide , what we look at first. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, we sitting watching movies. Boy did I miss this kind of look television. Actually felt like home. (point of view of Diego) After delivery dinner trays, Mr. Jackson came to me out bedroom. He introduced me to the box of cleaning products. " Alexander received his letter yesterday from his father. He found me, as I in setting up a meeting between you and the leaders here. I said, , the first that has happened tonight in the basement. " " This is good, I'll get the necessary staff together. " " Oh, he retired to a guy named Carlos. Can we be sure that man? Not be allowed to play ball on this side of the pool to get. " " No, Carlos is great. He is Alex 's girlfriend for a long time. They grew up together. I found out it was closed here. I could not confirm easily. Both together we will get control over this place again. " Mr. Jackson, he was back to the bedroom, where I requested a meeting with my The deputy immediately gathered, as I have given instructions for what will happen tonight. At apologized, he was Sammy. " What about Sammy, you have to talk to me? " " I wonder if Alex knows that Carlos betray us. " " What does it mean for us to tell Carlos Sammy? I said, Mr. Jackson has allowed Carlos cool and there is nothing to fear. " " You spoke too soon Diego. Carlos leaves the band and has its placed here Protection. " " But he said nothing to the guards or the Director, is that correct ? " " That's true, but the problem is, I wanted to leave the band. We to get our orders from above, to react quickly to those who have not this band. " I told Sammy that happens when you tonight at the session, we treat that. I think the reason, now that Carlos is back is involved, because Alex here. I heard the same thing. the only difference is I heard he was doing talking about us. I will raise it an advantage to be there to hold the meeting of the s. Alex will have to take. Before the meeting I asked Mr. Jackson to take me to use the phone. I the call to Alex father to see what to do here. I have my orders him and knew what to do when session occurred. it was eleven, when Mr. Jackson came and took me and my lieutenant went to the basement, where the meeting is to take in the old gym. when we reached the door I went, I saw AlEx and Carlos have arrived and are ready to sit in leadership positions to defend. we went in the direction of Alex to sign. Alex, or even Carlos the trouble to look as if we all took our seats. This is pissing me said after less. " Alex I would like to begin by... " " Shut the fuck up Diego. If you want to talk, I will ask you to chat. You've messed the whole thing here. now you call me fix their fuck ups. " I looked around the boys. He looked ahead and Carlos Alex. He was not at all, good shit talking to me. But I , you must have at the moment. It s a matter of time for me to be regain control. " How the hell guys screw at all? With the loss of power You have arrived here, has a shit load of problems caused in the system. " we were sitting there talking about Fallout have. Other members of the left the band and repression, the director has had here in our business. Alex does not seem Under Age Models to bring her peaceall. In fact, seemed Under Age Models to think it is a simple. spoke and told Alex that this is not a solution that can be done overnight. No lose control at night. I closed with the words of Alex standing order that his father has to lead us. He was surprised by the Order. " For now we will Under Age Models do what you need these members to gangs. In danger of destruction, if they did, they will be dead. For now do not want a deceased person, if you get the game to me. " " Alex has given the distance from his father. not at least get a away from you. " Before I knew Alex stood. The next thing I saw the fist approaches me. I forgot how fast and how strong he is Alex. Before you know was in it for me to hit a couple of times in the chest. As for me, when he rose, and he was not happy. " Diego when they were doing the business that has been asked to do, I do is required to accept this part of the company. I was happywhere was. Now I have to clean up the mess you created. From now on no to make a call to my father or higher. I am reporting for now! " " Fuck Alex and rules... " that pounced on Carlos with the tree that I had done. I had given the green light n the father of Alex, print it. Alex did not move, but left n for protect them in a defensive position this n damn traitor. I threw the empty hand against Alex moved from the way it fell a Carlos with the axis on the other hand. As I... \\ \\ n THEN... {Wow, what do you think is happening here at the end? did Alex get fired the road and not going to be stabbed ? If it did, Carlos gets ? really Diego do not like the idea that energy is removed from there. at the same time, Alex does not want to be in power. But he made ​​a deal with Henderson n Mr. and Mr. Jackson to take care of us the economy of this band. that will be protected as long as it is a death. Perhaps this is the Land He has an order not to have any other band member killed replace his father said to Do you think Alex will be strong enough to stay clean ? then Matt is on the sidelines. She is the mother of Alex, who does his best to keep order his son gang life once and for all. The father is not doing that is Under Age Models easy to do so. Now we have learned in this chapter, the real reason James did what he was doing Alex. He believed that if not for Alex to hit a shot, would not have to is known about the cancer, and is now free to roam cancer. There s always a silver lining to every dark cloud in the life of a person. You just need to have to locate it. I think what is really needed for Alex to be the band s a lover of life. I really hope you are, either matte or perhaps Carlos. Carlos has known since childhood. I wonder if I could to be more than friendship. I do not mean too much and spoiling future chapters to come, so no. warnBut ! Do not skip a chapter, or you are lost. where 's to come both to respond in the chapters. But reading more in the future the chapter, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I'm doing jacobmillertex aol. com, thanks ! CORNER } EDITOR : Oh Wow ! Once again I am with being in the same boat as the reader Under Age Models put not yet come to the next chapter in the queue ! Now I have to wait only as you all ! It seems that Alex has his head on the right, but it is difficult to choose a path detachment of his past and family. Not only is a difficult path , but also dangerous. It's good, it has few allies so soon. I can wait that all family. letter of Jacob Alex is profound. Forgiveness is a powerful force and can change the lives of powerful possibilities. For each situation exactly between two people who have a problem, forgiveness is an important first step. You can is not a trust to be rebuilt and fully expressed in the n sin forgiveness as an anchor site. Matt will be a major playerin this series. Still the question remains: of whether or not attracted to Alex. He can be a good guy, , but it is this tension building and I think two-way the street. I agree with our author, Under Age Models Alex is going to need the love, strength, in strengthen its determination to continue his life in the right direction. The mailbox was a bit dry of late Under Age Models readers,. Enter your reactions to the story and never hesitate to send us feedback on the characters arguments. Perhaps one of his ideas make their way into history. It has happened before! Keep the emails coming! Until next time, " Daddy " by Rick
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